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What is Montana Land Source?

The Montana Land Source is an online tool that brings together valuable Montana rural real estate information into one exceptionally convenient and easy to use format – AN ONLINE MAP!  The map displays active listings, pending and current sales along with a vast amount of other useful data.  The information is updated daily, with over 1,300 mapped listings and sales.


Subscribers receive weekly email updates with new listing and sales activity.















Montana Land Source provides instant and unlimited access to the following information:

  • Mapped Listings, Pending Sales and Sales ≥200 acres

  • Public Lands

  • Parcels

  • Townships and Sections

  • Conservation Easements

  • Counties

  • Reservation Boundaries

  • Tribal Lands

  • Hunting Districts

  • Wilderness Areas

  • Aerial Maps

  • Topo Maps

  • Terrain Maps


For more information click the Montana Land Source logo: