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Throughout his career, Andrew Rahn has been a pioneer in the application of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping technology to rural property valuation.  Not only does GIS mapping produce the highest quality maps, but the technology also enables sophisticated geographical analysis of property and market data.  Rahn Land gathers and maintains extensive data on rural property transactions across the state of Montana, and this data is fully integrated with GIS and is available for geospatial analysis.  Rahn Land is an active member of the Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals (MAGIP).


Rahn Land mapping services are continually being expanded to develop further applications of mapping technology to the valuation of rural property.  Rahn Land offers a range of mapping services for clients. 



Montana Land Source

Rahn Land has developed an online resource that displays mapped rural Montana property listings and recent sales, along with additional useful information such as parcels, public lands, legal descriptions, conservation easements, etc....  Properties that are 200 acres or greater are included, and there are currently over 1,900 mapped listings and sales. 


For more information, go to the Montana Land Source website.